Meet the Pipers

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Has been piping since 1994.  His piping skills have been requested from Alaska to Scotland.  Many might think his motto is "the quicker the tune-the better."  The truth is, however, that slow-airs really have hs soul.  While half of Ian's family is from Scotland, his little secret is: He prefers Irish Whiskey
Tartan: MacIntyre
Ancient Hunting

(a.k.a. "Face")

Has been piping for 18 years.  As the proud Irish member of the band, he is known for spontaneously playing his bagpipes at parties. Having grown up near Syracuse, NY, Andy is an avid fan of the Syracuse Orangemen.

Tartan: Irish National

Doug McQ.

Has been piping for 20 years.  His family has a long history of playing in pipe bands, including his brother and his nephew, to name a few.  His lifelong ambition is to quit his law practice and tour the world with the Mile Highlanders in the band's private jet (not currently in the band's budget).  As a true Coloradan, Doug enjoys fly-fishing, bicycling and skiing.

Tartan: MacDonald Ancient

(a.k.a. "Serial-Kilter")

Has been playing the Bagpipes for 18 years. In addition to playing with the Mile Highlanders, Danny plays many solo gigs throughout the year. Some of these gigs have included, playing live on the air for a local radio station, as well as a halftime show at a Denver Broncos game. In addition to piping, Danny is a die-hard Detroit Red Wings fan and Michigan Wolverines fan.

Tartan: State of Colorado
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