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Saturday, Mar 11
1:00p Casey’s Pub -7301 East 29th Ave
2:00p Nallen’s Pub -1429 Market St
3:00p Darcy’s Pub -4955 S Ulster St
4:00p Ned Kelly’s -5686 S Sycamore St
5:15p Infinity Park -4599 East Tennessee Ave
6:15p Celtic House Pub -16522 Keystone Blvd
7:30p Celtic House Pub -16522 Keystone Blvd
9:00p The Irish Rover -54 S Broadway
10:00p Nallen’s Pub -1429 Market St

St Patrick’s Day

Friday, Mar 17
12:00p Cigars on 6th
 -707 East 6th Ave
12:45p Casey’s Pub -7301 East 29th Ave
1:45p Nallen’s Pub -1429 Market St
2:45p Darcy’s Pub -4955 S Ulster St
3:45p Inga’s Alpine Tavern -5151 Leetsdale Dr
5:00p Celtic House Pub -16522 Keystone Blvd
6:15p Breck Farm House – 2990 Brewery Ln
7:00p Ned Kelly’s -5686 S Sycamore St
8:30p Private Wedding
9:30p The Irish Rover -54 S Broadway
10:30p Nallen’s Pub -1429 Market St

Saturday, Mar 18
12:30p Ned Kelly’s
 -5686 S Sycamore St
2:30p Resolute Brewing Co -7286 S. Yosemite St

Sunday, Mar 26
3:00p Ned Kelly’s -5686 S Sycamore St
St. Baldericks cancer benefit

-updated Mar 16, 2017-